Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy & Terms and Conditions

Bariza Software Solutions LLP is a registered company dedicated in providing IT services to B2B client globally. The company strongly believes in maintaining integrity and client secrecy hence whatever business information is shared by the clients to Bariza Software Solutions for establishing the services required by the clients at times the company also undertakes and signs NDA with the client for their assurance. Bariza Software Solutions provides customized designs to it’s clients hence the clients will not be allowed to use the template designed by Bariza for their private use without prior permission of the company.

Data Sharing

Bariza Software Solutions LLP does not share its client’s data with any third party. All the personal information of the client is strictly maintained. Bariza Software Solutions is extremely vigilant about data secrecy and is very particular about maintaining the trust and enhance the experience of all it’s clients.

Terms and Conditions

Bariza Software Solutions LLP is a leading IT company providing online IT services to businesses globally starting from website development, digital marketing to app development and software development.Bariza owns the copyright of all the products and graphic designs which are developed or created by Bariza, and no commercial usage is permitted for the same until prior permission of the company.
Bariza Software Solutions permits usage of its products or services only after the completion of the agreed payment by its clients. Without clearance of the payment without any prior permission from the senior management of Bariza Software Solutions, usage of its services or products for commercial usage will be strictly legally prohibited.

What information is prohibited from sharing?

Bariza Software Solutions LLP, at times collects detailed information of its clients in order to deliver the project properly. Team Bariza also gives welcome suggestion to its clients to upgrade the business to make their online presence perform better online. It is completely up to the client to enact to the welcome suggestions delivered by team Bariza. Bariza Software Solutions never shares its data with any Third Party, hence the personal information of the clients are strongly maintained and in case of any
data theft, the legal team of Bariza Software Solutions LLP takes a strong action against the individual who commits the crime.

Process of Communication

Bariza Software Solutions appoints a single point of contact or a SPOC who coordinates with the SPOC from the client’s end. The communication generally takes place through various medium like Skype,Messenger, What Sapp ,emails, phone calls and representative from team Bariza also visits clients at times of utmost requirement. Bariza Software Solutions takes its client experience quite sincerely hence does everything possible to ensure proper communication and delivery of the projects.

Terms of Timeline

Bariza Software Solutions delivers a tentative timeline for delivering the product or generating result for the services. However the timeline may vary depending on the responsiveness of the client, delayed feedback from client will result in delayed delivery of job. Often Bariza works with third-party IT websites like Google, Facebook, Instagram etc for digital marketing work. For any kind of deviation in result due to changing terms and algorithms in these third party sites will not uphold Bariza Software.Solutions Liable for the delay in Delivery of the result.

Annual Maintenance

Bariza Software Solutions LLP provides all its B2B clients annual maintenance services. Signing up for Annual Maintenance will ensure Bariza taking proper backups of the websites and apps . Also ensuring the performance of the services and products are at its optimum level.

Terms Cancellation

Bariza Software Solutions LLP provides protection to its clients and allows three days cooling off period to take a decision of cancelling the services and convert the service into some other service which might be considered by the client will be more beneficial for his business. However Bariza strictly follows a NO-REFUND Policy, Bariza Software Solutions LLP provides lots of complimentary services depending on the valued business generated by it’s clients and also alters the nature of the services depending on the requirement of the clients as per industry standards.