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Bariza is highly focused on providing returns to its clients hence Bariza focuses on various sources of promotions to help its clients to achieve desired financial goals. Our experts consult with you and understand your business goals in details and based on which we propose the best online promotional strategy so that you can achieve your targeted ROI.

We can achieve branding and desired sales figures through either organic promotions or through paid campaigns. We can achieve branding and desired sales figures through either organic promotions or through paid campaigns.

Search Engine (Organic) helps you to attain proper branding and provides proper exposure to your business on leading search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing with the list of highly effective keywords. Our team of experts suggests you the most effective keywords after doing a proper keyword analysis and competitor analysis.

What are keywords?

Keywords are the key phrases mostly used by the online users to reach out to the targeted service providers in a targeted region. For example " Best Website Development Company in Jacksonville" this keyword will help you to track the lists of website development company based in Jacksonville, USA.

What is the work involved in it?

There are two methods which are widely used in performing organic search engine optimization namely

1) On page Optimization

2) Off Page Optimization

On Page Optimization: On page work involves all the work that needs to performed on the website itself. The variety of work involves in On Page Optimization are

1) Meta Tagging of Keywords and Key-phrases

2) Fixing of canonical errors

3) Adding proper H1 tag, H2 Tag

4) RSS Feed

5) Website Crawl

6) Fixing URLs and Broken Links

7) Running Proper SEO Audit

8) Website Speed Optimization

We also integrate Google Analytic tool here, which helps us to track the online behavior of the website. This helps us to plan our online marketing strategy accordingly.

Off Page Optimization

Off Page Optimization denotes all the work done for the promotion of the business website on various other online platforms other than the assigned business website. Off Page Optimization work involves the following:

1) Business Directory Link Submissions

2) Link Exchange

3) Blog and Forum Link Submission

4) Image Optimizations

5) Content Optimizations

6) Article Submission

7) Social Bookmarking Sites

8) Influencer Outreach

How soon can we get the desired result?

If you have this question, please do not hesitate let us discuss the same. Organic Search Engine Optimization does help you to get the desired first page ranking however the time line within which you will get the result varies depending on the competitive nature of keywords on which the work is being done on.

For example: If you use a keyword like "Computer", this is a highly competitive keyword. The timeline for generating result on this keyword will be comparatively higher than a keyword like "Computer Store in Jacksonville, USA" which is mentioning a certain target market.

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